Sissify Deep Dish

Every sissy likes an old fashioned fairy story and given half the chance many would actively participate in one. If that sounds like you… now here’s your chance.

All you need is a thick local wood, a tiny picnic hamper, a short bottom skimming red dress, ludicrously impractical high heels (not walking boots) and of course a pretty red cloak. Having the co-operation of a kindly grand mother and a big bad wold would be good for added realism, especially if you wanted the wolf to have his wicked way, but is not essential.

I'm lost. Will someone show me the way?

Simply fill your basket with sticky goodies, get yourself made-up and dress in your miniscule little red riding hood dress making sure you show loads of leg, cleavage and panty. We always advocate the use of a sissy clit stretching plug and since we want you to feel lost, submissive, frail and vulnerable this may help.

Now get yourself into that dark forbidding wood, walk deep amongst the trees and get yourself hopelessly lost. Struggle to walk in your heels, don’t tear you hose and always mince like a panty wearing fairy and look as demure as possible even though you’re humiliated and scared shitless.

Will you find granny or will a big bad wolf capture and plunder, poor defenceless you. It’s not for us to tell your personal story though we would love to hear how you got on.

Hans Christian Andersen Watch out !

Whilst watching the awards the other night, did you care who wins best actor or actress? As a panty loving sissy we assume (and we’re normally correct in these matters) that you didn’t give a fig as to who actually won an Oscar. Your eyes where clearly focused on the girls pretty frocks. I’m right aren’t I and guess you’re also green with envy. Those glamorous looks, designer high heels, silky nylons and luxurious dresses. What ordinary girl, just like YOU, wouldn’t want to mince down the red carpet in a dazzling creation, turning heads with every move.

Alas, honey, you can only dream and ogle at these beautiful women but you can, with a little help from the House become a stunning actress and play the part of your chosen girl – after a careful application of make-up, the correct gown for the part and some intensive feminization. So whether you want to be a princes, maid, heroine, fairy, slut or party girl there’s sure to be a part for a sissy like you. Just transform yourself into that actress of your dreams, find yourself a budding director or Mistress who can shoot the film and boss you about and… who knows… Hollywood may await!

Xmas3If you’re a Mistress or Superior and know a sissy, the best gift that you can possibly give at Christmas is understanding. It costs nothing, doesn’t take much effort and will reap untold rewards. Your sissy friend will love to be accepted as a submissive girl so this Christmas treat them as one. This means get them to wear something ludicrously feminine with high heels and sheer stockings then set them to work; sending all your cards, wrapping all the presents, decorating the tree and preparing the Christmas meal.

Just imagine how she’ll look up a ladder in that revealing skirt as the neighbours look on and she totters precariously in her heels attaching the festive lights to the guttering. She will carry out the work you hate without a quibble as long as you continue to treat her like the panty slut that she desires – safe in the knowledge that after the presents have been unwrapped and all the mess cleared away she will have to slip off her skirt and submissively worship you in any way you require.

Of course there is more inside that we dont dare show out here!

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