Beauty Secrets

Paint primp preen couffe dress and glow! Oh, the magic of glamour! What are your beauty secrets?


better understanding for better shopping

better understanding for better shopping

This sissy had the bad habit to buy her clothes by instinct. Sometimes it did work but sometimes this sissy had bad surprise. The beautiful skirt or tee s.he wanted was too small or saggy. But no more of this! ...
A day at the pool

A day at the pool

Sissy had the opportunity to go swimming at a public pool. She was scared, because she wore her one piece in public for the first time. She chose a one piece because she believes her body is in the category ...
sissy mani pedi

sissy mani pedi

sissy has been using a light pink nail polish on he.r toe nails and finger nails for a few months now. he.r choice was based on he.r ability to keep polish on he.r toes at all times and if s.he ...
sissy size it

Sissy Sizing It Just Right

this sissy wanted to purchase the correct size dresses to wear in public - she sincerely wanted to look her best and be passable! so, she carefully read the instructions for "sissySize it!" Assignment several times. this sissy is 5'10", ...
Just a Barbie Girl... In a Barbie world

Just a Barbie Girl… In a Barbie world

suzie has always been taught how important keeping fit and exercising is to her feminine shape. Having that hour-glass shape is a way to show your Superior you value their love and want to be the best sissy slut you ...
pretty nails

Painting Pretty Nails

This sissy gave herself a manicure and pedicure and then painted her fingernails and toenails after reading the instructions provided by the House and watching youTube videos. For manicure and pedicure, sissy first washed her hands and cleaned under all ...
Swimsuits for sluts!

Swimsuit for gina

This sissy humbly submits h.,er report by saying s.he has always admired Women in bathing suits, particularly one-piece. Seeing a large full figured Woman so attired literally turns this sissy's knees to blubber! This sissy's and Wife once went ...
ellie is smooth

Silky smooth and so soft!

ellie has now gone about to shave her legs. ellie has not done this in a long time so she grabs some bath oils with a girlish perfume. she gets some classical music going with candles so she can sit ...
tucked in panties

Tucking It Away

This report describes sissy michelle's Assignment Report on Tucking. sissy michelle is very much aware that tucking is an important part of her transformation into an acceptable sissy girl. the male organ, hereafter referred to as her sissy clitty, is ...

Make it Real

As a follow-up to this sissy’s last Report, this sissy has had her public makeover at the MAC Studio in NYC. This sissy prepared for a day away from home by packing a bucket bag with her wigs, brushes, Tieks ...
a pretty face

The wonders of makeup

Superiors, sissy has recently returned to the site after hardships this year, and wanted to get right to work on assignments! The first one sissy wanted to work on was the makeup assignment, because s.he has always enjoyed having a ...
sissy size it

Heavenly: the soul of fit

When jennibel faced truths about herself, her long term companion, anxiety, started to visit her less often. Anxiety is unpleasant company my sisters, but her impact on jennibel's appetite did at least keep jennibel thin. But age and happiness have ...
first attempt at makeup

first attempt at makeup

this sissy took an attempt on full makeup. foundation, eye makeup, red lipstick, and blush. this sissy hopes the House approves her effort to look like the sissy she is. curtsy sissy kelly ...
felicity nails

Gold and Red Nailed it for sissy

*deep curtsey* This sissy respectfully submits her report for Your attention, and hope’s so much that it amuses You. There is something so alluring about painting nails. It requires sissy to focus on what is a very delicate task. Each ...
a pretty face

Having a pretty face

This sissy wanted to be as attractive as they could be for their Superiors. This sissy as well as practicing for years took 10 weeks of lessons so that they could look pretty even in day light. I hope you ...
Beautiful nails

Beautiful nails

In this Assignment, this sissy learned about the importance of maintaining her nails. My Mistress wanted me to have french tip nails. While doing this assignment, this sissy really enjoyed the time she spent and has showed me that something ...
Gimme a Lido Kiss

Gimme a Lido Kiss

This sissy went was giddy to start painting her nails. This sissy went right to work applying nail polish after reading the instructions for sissy nails. This sissy first began by filing her nails. Next, this sissy was able to ...
sissy krissy smooth as silk

sissy krissy smooth as silk

Hello Staff, i am writing you upon my finish and completion of the sissy shaving . i drew myself a nice warm bubble bath with my favorite vs bath bomb. after 10-15 minutes and put a good lather of venus ...
the nails of krissy

the nails of krissy

Your sissy has studied the sissy Nails assignment and went to store to purchase the appropriate sissy nail colors, then carefully painted the sissy’s nails using a girly but festive Pink, with silver line top coat. Your sissy strives to ...
Can she Serve You Next?

Can she Serve You Next?

Curtsy to Madame Stewart and all of the Superiors in the House and greetings to all of this sissy’s sisters and girlfriends. Once again this girl must apologize in advance that she still lives the life of a secret sissy ...

Pink intruders in armored vehicle

Sometimes this sissy cuddles lips with nails in order to soak smoothness and texture of nails. Although s.he feel the need to regularly check and keep an eye open on their state, keep them in shape. Changing the nail ...

You are only the sissy you feel on the inside but looks matter too

Sissy felicity loves to dress up, and makeup is such a personal thing. It feels so feminine, so sissy so wonderful. Sissy Shopping: This sissy was too shy to approach a real woman on the counter. Sissy sneaked a few ...
pretty face

Multiple Outings With Makeup

Your sissy has been studying the Beauty Secrets assignment for A Pretty Face. sissy katherine has been regularly wearing women’s clothing and applying a full set of makeup on the majority of sissy’s outings in November. The true test has ...
Look through the mirror

Look through the mirror

Sissy princess jonna loves well done make-up. For doing that it is essential to have large mirror, light enough and of course to have all the stuff which is needed - lipsticks, foundation cream, mascaras etc... Sissy jonna does make-up ...

Pastel Rainbow sissy Nails

Your sissy has dedicated today to studying the sissy Nails assignment and went to two stores to purchase the appropriate sissy nail colors, then carefully painted the sissy's nails using a girly pastel rainbow French tip design with a matte ...
Hitting the acrylic nail on the head!

Hitting the acrylic nail on the head!

This sissy has been furthering her feminine development by taking a nail tech course! And not a moment too soon... Like many of her sissy sisters, kirsti ann is thoroughly addicted to her acrylic nails. That tap-tap sound as she ...

New found pleasure

This sissy first started out going to get a manicure occasionally because she just loved the attention and how lovely her nails would look all shiny afterward. As time went on she attended more functions dressed as a sissy and ...

The consequences of dilligence

This sissy has been using nail polish for quite some years, but found he.r efforts were quickly tarnished by chipped polish that looked terrible. Thanks to the House's exacting methods, practiced dilligently over several weeks, jennibel's nails can now look ...

adore sissy’s nails

slut has read the nails training course several times and is now familiar with the principles and practice of beautiful nails. 🙂 this sissy is not allowed a bath and has to do her shaving and other activities in the ...
titties still there

Sissy Shaving – Oops, I did it again, almost

That slut rosey really loves shaving h.erself smooth all over, s.he feels particularly gurly when rubbing lotion or oil on skin afterwards. The first time rosey shaved was in late 2016 and was just from the waist down. S.he ...
sarah penguin

sissy makeup shopping

For the Shopping Assignment sarah purchased makeup. sarah needed makeup but s.he found the number of products and knowing which ones would match he.r skin confusing so sh.e would get makeup advice from a Superior Female. A ‘Your Perfect Match’ ...
tiffany nails

sissy tiffany’s sissy nails

This is sissy tiffany's Sissy Nails Assignment Report. She learned that she must first purchase the best nail care supplies, she must fully prepare herself, then she must follow the process, method, and clean up. To prepare herself she took ...
tiffany toes

sissy tiffany’s Girlish Essence

This is sissy tiffany's report for her Girlish Essence, sissy Shaving assignment. She learned how to setup for her activity, how to shave her lower extremities, her upper extremities, and how to finish and cleanup. For setup sissy tiffany learned ...
figure training

Shaving Unwanted Kilos

When standing in front of the mirror in nothing but their panties, sissy looks at that touch of fat around the midriff that prevents them from being a mesomorphic sissy. sissy knows that there is not much to lose but ...
Interpret that size correctly!

Interpret that size correctly!

(Curtsey) This sissy will like to thank the House to make a better sissy and a more beautiful one. Of course, to be a beautiful sissy you must be able to wear women clothes and mastering the size is ...
missie fingers

sissy nails for this sissy

Thank You for such a lovely site! this sissy was super excited for the sissynails Assignment! This sissy took a nap after her bath and used her sissy nail supplies that she already had lying around. First, she filed and ...
don-na shaved

what does slut see in the mirror?

don-na has always liked having a female body. she is partly closeted so it is one of the ways she can express her femininity to herself and sisters and Superiors and this makes her happy, happy, happy! so this sissy ...
sissy portrait photography

sissy portrait photography

Thank you so much for all the tips in the 'Perfect Portraits' assignment. Earlier, the sissy used to take very poor photos of herself using her older cellphone in front of the mirror. With poor lighting, poor posing and low ...
pretty face

My sissy face

sissy brianna has been taking a series of makeup lessons since the beginning of the year. She has been instructed which makeup to buy and how to properly apply it so her face is feminized and looks like a Woman's ...
sissy kirsti

The Face of Stepford

Today this sissy embraced her feminine identity and set out on a expedition. Sissy kirsti had booked appointment to see her MUA friend, Miss T. Miss T routinely made over sissy kirsti for her feminine outings, but on this occasion ...

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A long time ago, before this sissy found he.r owner, GODDESS TIA, wanted to show her property he.r proper place. To that end GODDESS TIA decided to have a day at the nail salon and take her property, me, along to be spruced up. Looking back this sissy remembers that it was a cool, rainy day in the spring. The salon was small and the ladies employed there were mostly of Asian descent. It became readily apparent that GODDESS TIA had made the owner well aware that this sissy was hers and that this sissy was to have her… Read more »