Christmas Charm

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Xmas29Stuck with that last minute gift? Convinced that a gentlemen friend is a closeted sissy who’s too timid to come out? – Give them a helping hand with that special gift of a femme name. No Christmas wrapping required or laborious trooping around stores – simply carefully choose the most feminine name you know that successfully sums up your sissy sluts demeanour. Then write their new name on their pretty Christmas card (something with a fairy please) and when they say you’ve made a mistake, watch their face go crimson as you explain your reasoning – A sissy name for a sissy girl.

Now forever refer to her as a she or call her new name during everyday conversation. Friends will soon catch on and your sissy friend will almost cry with humiliation and yet is likely to moan with excitement (no doubt in her pink, frilly panties). If you’re feeling particularly generous you could even buy them a necklace and charm with their new name or a much sought after membership to the House and follow their progress to sissy-hood.

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