Grab yourself a sissy Oscar

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Whilst watching the awards the other night, did you care who wins best actor or actress? As a panty loving sissy we assume (and we’re normally correct in these matters) that you didn’t give a fig as to who actually won an Oscar. Your eyes where clearly focused on the girls pretty frocks. I’m right aren’t I and guess you’re also green with envy. Those glamorous looks, designer high heels, silky nylons and luxurious dresses. What ordinary girl, just like YOU, wouldn’t want to mince down the red carpet in a dazzling creation, turning heads with every move.

Alas, honey, you can only dream and ogle at these beautiful women but you can, with a little help from the House become a stunning actress and play the part of your chosen girl – after a careful application of make-up, the correct gown for the part and some intensive feminization. So whether you want to be a princes, maid, heroine, fairy, slut or party girl there’s sure to be a part for a sissy like you. Just transform yourself into that actress of your dreams, find yourself a budding director or Mistress who can shoot the film and boss you about and… who knows… Hollywood may await!

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