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True Love

True Love

"You've been unfaithful to me? With other men?" i said it, and immediately could have bitten off my tongue. But i was baffled! "Why?"
sexy sissy sexting

sexy sissy sexting

Valentines is a day for love, but how do you communicate to your Superior in this modern age other than on your knees?
wifes early return

Wife’s Early Return

The poor sissy took too many nights wearing her Wife's lingerie, hoping she wouldn't find out!
Perfect Portraits

Perfect Portraits

Have you ever wondered how you can create better portraits and photos for your Gallery? Learn how!
transformation of evelyn

the transformation of evelyn

From a mere note from the House of Sissify, evelyn is helpless to her complete transformation!
Talk2Me sissy chat


Sissify's Talk2Me Chat Room is the hopping sissy chat to discuss all things girlish!
punishment for sissy

Punishment for a sissy

Do sissies get spanked? They most certainly do. Not necessarily for being naughty, wicked or evil. Often for merely being sissies.
Walking Round in Women's Underwear

Walking ‘Round in Women’s Underwear

Do you sneak around in your wife's panties? A Sissify christmas carol!
Perfect Holiday

Perfect Holiday

Everything looked like I was going on the holiday of my dreams - and I was - although it was a holiday I had never dared to dream of!


Sometimes you’re set up to act out a role in your own life, and you don’t even know what the script is.
Will you be able to find a real Mistress?

sissies Everywhere & Not a Mistress to be Had

What's a sissy to do? It is true that for every dominant Woman, there are 50 or more sissies desperately vying for Her attention. Learn to rid yourself of that boyish entitlement that stops a Superior cold!
Good sissy Guide

The Good Sissy Guide

All of Our girls want to be a good sissy. Learn how to take care of your Superior properly with this House guide!
Perfect Holiday

Have you been a good girl for Santa?

Christmas is all about giving rather than receiving, but if you've been good for Santa - We have a few girlie suggestions for a panty slut such as yourself!
Panty Flash

Transgender Awareness = Flash those panties!

Start your Transgender Awareness Week by flashing those pink panties!
She Made Him Her Pretty Teenage Step-Sister

She Made Him Her Pretty Teenage Step-Sister

It had been a tough year for Norman. But things really took a turn when she transformed him into her sexy sissy step-sister!
Princess Points

Princess Points!

How can the House of Sissify motivate you to participate, engage and complete your sissy Training Assignments? Simple! Princess Points!
blue venom

Blue Venom

Old Francis Pierce is saved from a wretched future when he accidentally is turned on to chewing some strange gum, and strange it is, as it turns him from Francis to Francine. But is Francine actually saved?
Cecilia's Account

Cecilia’s Account

From the moment she started to dance she knew there was no going back.
Research Institute

The Research Institute

New methods in male control through ruthless masturbation.

a sissy halloween

Don’t let it pass you by once again! It’s a sissies holiday dammit, and you can be whoever you want to be!

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i am so happy to have found your site, my Master sent me here. i am looking forward to becoming the perfect sissy slave, trained for the pleasure of others. Your site has given me real hope of achieving this… Read more “sissy slave domonique”

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this sissy is so glad s.he saw here new special day, because s.he is trying hard to please her Madame.


This sissy is feeling feminine after putting on her favorite panties with a new pretty silk night gown. This evenings sissy is all set up to do some sewing, s,he has already picked out some panties to enhance. Went to the ‘Michaels crafting store earlier today and purchased all the materials needed to create some very girly sissified panties. Now looking forward to enjoying a nice feminine night sewing.


SluttyDawn went on another thrilling shopping adventure. A fetlife group member suggested going to Victoria’ Secret, whis this sissy did. A sales clerk approached and asked if she could help. Told her that this sissy wanted a bra and pa tie set in pink lace. She asked if this sissy knew the size ?. There wasn’t much choice, so this sissy took what was offered and asked to try them on. Paid for them after that, and then asked to go back to the dressing room for wearing home. On the way out of the mall, a man selling skin… Read more »


Panties are on and sissy pussy is cleaned… all ready for the weekend


I am ready for the weekend.