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Report 1014 – Swimsuits for Sluts

stacirenee | 06.05.2010 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

Dear Staff; this sissy wants you to know, that it’s all about pleasing you, the Staff. this is where this sissy gets paid. when s.he is pleasing you. anything for you. this mtf sissy wants the Staff to know that s.he keeps he.rself, tucked, plugged and pantied at all times through course of any given day. s.he bought this bikini for your viewing, in hopes that you all enjoy. all for your entertainment. berry-plum is the color scheme, as well as halter or strapless. this sissy appreciates you the Dear Staff, for every possible way this sissy can please, as it’s this sissy’s goal. buying the suit, pleased sissy, knowing it serves to please you. this sissy knows he.r presence in store in ladylike personality, is representing the Staff, as well as all her sister’s. polite, pretty nails for whom the sales assistant made such a nice comment on. this sissy not only told her we s.he had them done, but also produced a business card for her for zen-nails. luv n kisses