kellywoods | 10.01.2017 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

since may, i have kept my face smooth, feminine, and practiced my girly makeup. everyday, i shaved and ensured my skin was hairless. i moisturized, i exfoliated. i pampered my face. i tried to keep my eyebrows clean, but left them somewhat bushy as it would be noticed at work.

instead of simply ordering makeup online, i forced myself to go into stores and purchase my makeup. this involved standing in makeup isles as people stared and looked sideways as a man stood there reading makeup labels, which btw are almost impossible to read! i took the makeup to the checkout line and stood there waiting in line as people again stared at me for having makeup in my basket. funny looks from the checkout people.

every day i would practice makeup, when i got home from work. i would stay made up until bedtime. i would then practice makeup removal and skin care. below are some piccies i took during the summer. i hope they are worthy.


hugs -kelly



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