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2nd special day with tasking amount from Lady Deborah

sissy-priscilla | 05.20.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

Superior Ladies, Mistresses and Madames of the House, this is the 2nd appointed Special Day for me,although if as you have no need to remember anything individually about any of us worthless and substandard sissies who may only work to the highest of standards and hopefully one day become acknowledged even as an acceptable sissy. you will or need not recall that Lady Deborah has Stated 20ml’s of Milk Must Be produced personally to Her by the end of the day or Consequences are to be Severe. So this morning in order to conduct at least a proportion of standard daily tasks,the alarm was set and I awoke at 0330hrs prior to Lady Deborah’s arrival. Constantly Plugged with Remote Plug and locked in CB6000 , a heavy canvas apron was worn after ensuring my beautifull blue silk panties,waspie with suspenders with white stockings all loozing perfect. the bed was made (mine), all dusting and polishing tasks completed although hoovering noted as not completed due to time being early for neighbours. I then entered kitchen and got out plate, glass,cup along with a melon,strawberries, 3 oranges and my knives and chopping board along with food waste bin. Cutting the melon into quarter’s I then prepared flapper. However filled each slice with fine lines of strawberries that were 1st coated with castor solar before arranging on plate and inserting into fridge too cool. fresh oranges were then squeezed, finely strained and poured into a jug and glass was sugar rimmed finishing preparation by grinding fresh Arabic beans and making 2 large Caffattea and placing on warming rings. it was now 0745hrs and as Lady Deborah’s car was heard on the driveway I placed Her CUP Glass and Plate on the dining table before continuing to the front door, unlocking and opening it before Kneeling for Presentation . Lady Deborah’s Seductively and Authorative sounding heels were hard behind me on the concrete step. Keeping my elbows and eyes to the floor as I felt the thrust of my plug being turned on and my chastity cage pulled back through my thighs “Good Morning Lady Deborah my Owner and Goddess, your pathetic but loyal and hard working sissy-maid priscilla hopes you have had a pleasant morning travelling to your Castle and wish to inform you that your favourite chilled breakfast accompanied with fresh juice and coffee is prepared and ready to serve my Mistress and Good Lady ”
“Good Morning my Worthless SLUT and Maid” a cord was then attached around my chastity device ” Well it’s No Bloody Good Prepared But Not Served to Me IS IT !” crawling into the kitchen hurriedly but still cautiously, all breakfast including coffee an juice was placed on my silver serving tray and taken to the dinning room.”may Sissy-maid priscilla stand in order to serve please Lady Deborah ”
“GET ON WITH IT QUICKLY, as you have duties today” serving breakfast, then waiting in corner as further portions and drinks were ordered.then on completion all crockery,cups,glasses a cutler were all cleared washed and put away before removing apron and crawling into lounge where Lady Deborah had seated herself observing the television. presenting myself once more too Her i requested orders and duties for the day. “Okay Sissy SLUT today wil be different and as you SLUT have tiny brains, MAKE NOTES ,as I will record all errors and punish at completion of duties with the Cat O 9 Tails.” The cord was then tightened at my groin and my Chastity Device unlocked and removed.”Today you will once again be entirely within the Milking Parlour. You will take this” 20ml’s pot placed on floor in front of me “You Will then SLUT Milk and fill it, I do not wish to hear a sound until you tap on the door and when I attend PASS ME A FULL 20ML’S OF YOUR USELESS UNWANTED AND UNIMPORTANT MILK do you understand? ”
“Yes My Lady Deborah, may I commence please?” “Just get on with it Slut”
collecting my milking pot I crawled immediately to the milking parlour where once inside I closed the door and felt immediate tension to the cord around my by now extremely hard pathetic and small peenie clitty.
sissy-maid priscilla regrets to inform the House that this will be completed tomorrow morning as I must sleep in order to arise for tomorrow’s duties and services to Lady Deborah. I Curtsey, kneel and back our of the room of the House due to physical exhaustion kissing any feet presented as leaving


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