nicky-2 | 08.15.2006 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy wishes to report to her Superiors that she completed the shaving assingment this weekend. First she ran a warm bath and added some oil to help soften the nasty man hair.

Then she laid out her most pretty underwear and a soft blue skirt ready for when she had finished. She then soaked herself as instructed and then shave all her girly body, paying special attention to the area around her sissy clitty making sure to leave a short triangle of hair to show what a complete girl she really is, this sisssy then shaved her legs and bottom and it feels so smooth that i know it would feel good for my Superiors to bend me over and apply a severe spanking for not being able to stop myself runnning my hands all over my sissy body and thinking such thoughts that i could barely contain myself from rubbing my clitty.