danielle_chevrette | 08.15.2006 | Reports - Girlish Essence

sissy danielle was so excited as she found the website of the House of Sissify, because she realized immediately that it was exactly what she was looking for. this sissy filled out her Application right away and – after she was generously accepted – the Training Requisition, also. danielle was all on edge to find out, what her first Assignment would be, and was a little bit shocked, as she learned, that she had to shave all her body hair right at the beginning.

This sissy has shaved two times before, but both times in winter. So, she could wear long-sleeved clothes without attracting attention. For the first time she shaved some years ago, as she was a little bit squiffy one evening and wanted to find out what it feels like. But when she was sober again the next day, she was ashamed of herself and let her hair grow back. The second time was some months ago. This time danielle kept up shaving regularly for some weeks. But before the temperature raised in spring, she dropped it again.