A 50’s housewife – Part 2

felicity123 | 01.28.2019 | Reports - Domestic Duties

Part 1 chronicles this sissy working hard and having a ball as a 50’s housewife!

However, as noted in Part 1, there is a problem! …See the first photo. Note the hand on the hip and body language? Note the hair, messy from housework? Although helpful, felicity needs to sometimes dial back the Sass according to the Mistress of the Home! A proper submissive tone and appearance…at all times, are fundamentals for a proper housewife! How will felicity overcome this little attitude issue???

…Amazing Wife is out on a well-deserved lunch and shopping trip with Her Girl Friends. While cleaning and cooking, as this sissy prepares for Her return, thoughts are of her Amazing Wife and Madame Stewart’s training. Hmmmm, how to dial back the Sass??? The answer finally comes to her…There is still too much ego. So, she now tries to push her mind to a different place and ironically, let go at the same time. she pushes herself to flip that mental switch into sissy mode, where she is not capable of ego centered thoughts and desires. It starts to work…..felicity’s mind starts to race with only appropriate sissy thoughts….

“How can the house be cleaned WITH dinner ready before She gets home? Greet Her with a smile and curtsy. Do NOT complain if She is late! Keep dinner warm, make sure the house is spotless, fireplace on, soft music on. After serving Her coffee and dessert, begin clean up of the table and dishes. While cleaning the dishes, listen eagerly to the stories of Her day. If She mentions how, at lunch, the hunky waiter was hitting on Her, and how much She liked it, be sure to giggle. If berated for anything, apologize and curtsy. Then, politely explain that all sissy girls are airheads. If She pats your bottom and mentions what a great little hand maiden She has, be sure to giggle, curtsy and say Thank You!”

The second photo shows felicity in totally proper form. The sassy attitude is gone. her posture and hair are now perfect. her apron is now only at her waist, thus making her ample breasts more visible for anyone who wishes to admire them.

….After a perfect day and with a now perfect house, the Beautiful Queen of the Home chooses to reward Her obedient housewife with solo toy time. Knowing that toy time is an earned privilege, felicity submits her best curtsy and Thank You. Eagerly, but politely, accepting the bag of toys, felicity’s heart beats faster. With a naughty little smile, she makes her way up the stairs, first slowly, then quickly. Her hips sway freely and naturally. She reaches the bedroom and closes the door…

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