veronicap | 02.28.2007 | Reports - Girlish Essence

i am a knew sissy and have only been a member for a few days but i have completed as many assignments as i could in that short time.

i want to please you very much . my first assignment i went to the super market and purchased bubblebath, jergens age defying of moisturizer, nair hair removing kit and red nail polish. At the register the girl didn’t even look at me funny, but i felt funny inside. i rushed home and took off all my clothing a went to the ladies room where i put the nair all over my body and the instructions said to leave it on for at least five minutes,i did ten i got into the shower and took the razor that came with the kit, but didn’t appear to have a razor in it and ran that all over my body. after showering off i got out of the shower ,cleaned the tub and filled it back up putting in the bubble bath, the smell was wonderful like a flower. At this time i didn’t really feel any , different. i got into the tub and just relaxed for about a half hour. when i got out went into my bed room and began rubbing my body with the jergens lotion,my legs felt great it was strange.