Aunt Flo is in Town!
rubyjo | 07.09.2017 | Reports - Womens Studies


This report is 5 month on AuntFlo.

rubyjo had a surprise visit from Aunt Flo after new years, and had to rush out to complete the shopping she needed. When rubyjo entered the store the Assistant was available immediately and rubyjo explained the list of items s.he needed. Max pads, ultra-thin pads, menstrual relief medicine, suppositories and tampons for the entire cycle. rubyjo followed the Assistant taking the smaller steps and not striding. The Assistant smiled as She said your Wife is a lucky lady! Embarrassed, red faced rubyjo explained that the required items were for her in her best feminine voice. After paying for the items with cash from her clutch, she thanked the Assistant for showing rubyjo where s.he could find all the items. Once home rubyjo went about honoring Aunt Flo’s visit by promptly following the directions to honor this visit from Aunt Flo! Properly filled and padded, following the directions, every 4 hours as scheduled, second pad was soaked through woke me up this am! On day 6, the douche was a welcome relief!! Missed my Tuesday and Thursday wanking, can’t wait for the weekend wanking!!
Mistress allowed rubyjo an extra hour to enjoy a bubble bath with lavender scent, heavenly!!

This month Aunt Flo was extremely an achy visit, requiring a suppository with each pad change. Cramping was had as rubyjo tried to wait the 4 hours between changes on the first day. Day 2 was better, rubyjo was extremely thirsty and consumed over 100 ozs of water and taking aspirin for headache. Day 3 thru 5 the maxi pads were sufficient to complete her visit with Aunt flo. Finished day 5 with a hot lavender bubble bath before bedtime, long day – glad Mistress cycle is almost in sync is reassuring as rubyjo understands some of what She endures, wishing rubyjo could take some of that on for HER.

Surprise! Aunt Flo came a day early, embracing almost identical schedule as the Mistress. Picked up the tampons for Mistress and had to borrow one as rubyjo ran out same day. Rubyjo went out early on Wednesday and purchased own, replacing the one borrowed from Mistress. Seven cups of coffee on the first day, cold turkey on day 2, Midol only brought partial relief, hard to see straight. Chores were difficult to complete, need more Midol!! Finished chores and got dinner to Mistress on time, the punishment last month was enough to keep rubyjo on track. This month rubyjo will be able to sit tonight. Day 3 was better, still sticky but no headache, Mistress has a smile today! Great day to be a sissy and see Her happy! Day 5 here, bubble bath sounds good, can’t wait for tonight, Mistress is having dinner out with her friends, rubyjo will have a long bath, then give Mistress Her foot massage before turning in, if She enjoys the foot massage, rubyjo may get a day to shop for new undies!!

Love Aunt Flo! Following protocol, 7 cup of coffee seems to provide the headache similar to the Mistress when cold turkey occurs the following day. Three cups of coffee on day 3 with Midol brings relief for the visit and understanding of the monthly visit for those of Mistress’s peers. Rubyjo wishes s.he could bear more of the Mistress’s stress during this time of the month. The large pad assists with tucking, really smoothes the look in panties, makes the visit easier to bear. The douche this month was warmed, felt really good to finish this way, will ask Mistress will allow this again in the future. Bubble bath and shave, rubyjo gets to wank tomorrow, silky smooth – rubyjo can’t wait for Tuesday!!

New container of Mentholatum, this month will be interesting with the addition of the nipple clamps Mistress now gave me for this time with Aunt Flo. Breasts were sore for 2 days longer with the tighter bra having the Mentholatum inside for 4 days. Nipples clamped for several hours, did not wish to lose circulation, will reclamp during pad change, 30 minutes seems to be the numbing point. Day 5, douche was refreshing. Bubble bath, shaved smooth! Mistress is having guests, need to prepare dinner.



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