Getting Real
nancy | 06.03.2007 | Reports - Getting Real

This sissy has been in the closet forever and has been keeping this secret from my wonderful Wife. i have been reading and preparing to come out. I have been trying to do it gradually. i have been slowly taking over many of the domestic duties in our home, particularly the laundry, cleaning and cooking. i have been very attentive to all my Wife’s needs. lots of flowers, compliments things she enjoys. i watch the shows she likes and the girlie flicks she likes. in fact she mentioned that i ws crying during one of the movies. i have been as romantic as possible all the time. i have ben hinting that i just love thins feminine. i have given her sex whenever she wants it and she now takes the lead all the time. i service with my tongue only since my clitty is too small to please her to which she agrees. she allows me to masturbate and sometimes will use her hand. after a sexual session the other night she asked if there was any fantasy i had. i got up and put on her panties and bra inf front of her, she was not too surprised. i told her i wanted to be her sissy, she looked surprised at first but after a few seconds i think she understood. we had a long talk. she agrees that i am suited to be her sissy and not her husband. it is sooooo good to be out.