ciara-2 | 08.14.2007 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy is happy to report on her first sissy assignemnt. Thankfully due to some very lucky sissy genes this sissy is hapy to say that she does not have much terrible man hair to begin with. This sissy has no hair on her breasts, ,belly, or her ass. She has a few hairs on her sissy pink nipples, and some on what some men call the Love Trail, thin sparse hair on her Legs and her pubic patch above her little cltty is quite thinned out due to a good 10 year head start on her road to sissidom, as she has been waxing her pussy and clitty for some time.As well this sissy’s pussy cleavage is a bit h airy and does require some maintanance though nothing like a nasty man butt hair.