sissycamille | 08.21.2007 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy has completed s.he task. Sadly this sissy does not have a mistress to serve, but s.he has studied what mistress has said. This sissy was once a terrible cook but now has improved her self to a point where others comment on the quality s.he food. Even though this sissy does not have a mistress this sissy has worn panties since the start of the assignment. Only once since the start of the process has sissy faltered when s.he though himself better than a woman at work. This sissy punished himself by forgoing his wanking days and changing form this sissy normal pink cotton panties size 7 to a tight pair of size 6 panties lined with steel wool around his clitty. This sissy hopes that s.he has learned how to better serve a mistress but keeping her house clean and effeminate. This sissy also has obtained a rubber cock to train with.