Report 704 – Shaving

nathalie5555 | 01.24.2008 | Reports - Girlish Essence

My Honored Misstress…i wanted to look more presentable so i undressed and put on my highest heels and delicately trimmed and shaved “down there” and “back there” till it looked cleaner and more Feminine! i put cream on and cologne…i look and smell sooooo good! i wish i had a young man to snuggle with…i can almost feel him being really horny since i look soooo good that he tries to finger me and goose me…and put his cock in my face…i push him away to get him more horny so i have control of him! i love it when He’s in control of me, too.

thank You for listening to me. thank You!

i wish i could just play with my clitty thinking of this scene!