Report 809 – Shaving

sissylittlegirl | 10.16.2008 | Reports - Girlish Essence

this sissy must always keep herself shaved for her Mistress since her Mistress likes her to look like a little girl. This morning, i went into the warm bathtub and began to shave what little hair i have on my body. i worked up a nice lather and slowly rubbed it onto my body and then picked up my pink razor and began to shave. i started with my legs, taking special care to make sure that i did not leave any nicks and got all the difficult spots behind my knees and thighs. i then shaved my chest, taking special care to make sure it was nice and smooth the way my Mistress likes it. Then followed my underarms and my stomach and finally my sissy parts. Mistress is particular about me keeping my sissy parts very smooth so i take a little extra time to make sure they are done properly.