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Report 856 – Shaving

chantel | 02.13.2009 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

Mistress has told her little sissy tart chantelle to show off her frilly knickers To all the other girls to show how well she looks now that she shaves and moistourises her skin every day. Sometimes chantelle is also allowed to use hair removal cream which she has to buy from the supermarket herself. chantelle is always so happy to please her Mistress. she shaves herself all over every morning and always remembers to rub moisturiser onto her skin afterwards so that she is soft and feminine for her Mistress. Chantelle just feels so girly and submissive when she is shaved and all loves the way her clothes feel as they slip and slide on her skin. she especially loves the sensation of her bra rubbing over her nipples. chantelle can hardly wait until Mistress says she can have her own little breasts too.