Getting Real
misha | 07.27.2009 | Reports - Getting Real

Today is the first day in 6 years that i am feeling sissified! thank you! for 10+yrs i tried to be a good sissy to my mistress. as she became ill i had to shed my life as a sissy and take care of her. thankfully she is still alive and with me. i was not thinking about my life as a sissy until i stumbled onto you. my, how quickly things can change. i am a bit overwhelmed, in again, realizing my inner sissy. it does feel very very good to reconnect, but it is like starting all over. i mean, we have only had a relationship over the past few yrs as carereciever and caregiver. you know, i miss the sex part, the playing, mistress making me feel ever so sensual as a sissy and that kind of servitude.