Report 955 – Shaving

priscilla-2 | 11.05.2009 | Reports - Girlish Essence

This sissy is afraid that she messed up her last assignment so she is trying again. Please please forgive this sissy.

As instructed, this sissy soaked in warm water and starting from her toes, began to shave going up. This sissy had never done this before and she began to feel humiliated yet excited at the same time. Fear came over this sissy as she began to feel more naked than naked and humiliated. After this sissy finished shaving, she applied lotion and showed her hairless, naked body to her Mistress wife. This sissy’s Mistress could see her inferior body being transformed and she was happy.

Hugs, kisses and curtseys,

Sissy Priscilla

Username: Priscillasissy