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Report 999 – sissyNails

stacirenee | 04.18.2010 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

this sissy is new to computers, as well as camera’s. s.he surely doesn’t understand pasting. a self-employed sissy at that and a 186 i.q. doesn’t get pasting. s.he surely hopes this works. this mtf preop sissy gets her nails done professionaly done every friday at 4:30pm. this sissy knows it to be better than sex. been doing so for over two years. it’s so relaxing to be in the beauty shop scenario. to gossip with everyone involved in scene. yet so relaxing to point that towards end of hour, this sissy practically falls asleep, as if all stress is relieved thru therapy of having nails done. they all know me, as well as they can’t figure out why sissy can’t commit to total exposure n be he.rself. that’s easy, as this sissy lives in old-schooled town, where change of our kind, is not taken kindly. boardman,ohio. they’re not kind with changes. especially within sex. yet this mtf keeps striving. lost four customers this week. lost 400.00 for todays working. this sissy gets so stressed out between workers to billing. yet, upon having nails done and once a month, s.he has a pedicure, all pain n torture, rude remarks, ugly people all disappear in this sissy’s mind. all from having nails done.