A date with a cherry

precious_angie | 07.05.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

“The Mouth Is Interesting Because It’s One Of Those Places Where The Dry Outside Moves Toward The Slippery Inside.” –Jenny Holzer

After completing the assignment on the Zen of Servitude, this sissy was instructed by Madame Stewart (thank You Madame!) to move directly into the Cunnilingus assignment. The House, acknowledging that preciousangie serves a Mistress IRL, rightfully determined that this Assignment was of paramount importance for Her service and pleasure. As preciousangie moves deeper into Assignments and begins to dwell in the House, it becomes clear that angie’s awakening requires continued devotion and surrender.

Exercise Part 1.

Sissy angie prepared for this exercise by first ensuring that s.he was wearing panties, a cotton pair with purple floral design and sufficient strength to the fabric to contain chastity device and accommodate the vibrator switch that protruded from her generously sized plug filling her sissy pussy. A hot pink skin-tight tank with sequins spelling “Sexy” on the front completed ensemble. Sissy then put on floral scented lipgloss to make lips shiny and wet. S.he then took a big, ripe cherry (apologies to the House that there were no grapes to work with) into her mouth, sliding it over freshly glossed lips, being careful not to touch it with teeth, and taking it whole into mouth. Sissy rolled the cherry around in mouth, keeping the plump fruit away from the sharp edges of her teeth, and rubbed the skin of the cherry with her tongue until the flesh of the fruit was as warm as the inside of sissy’s wet, hot mouth. The skin on the cherry began to split and leaked sweet juices into angie’s mouth, temping to suck the now-opened fruit and allow a small trail of red juice to slide past lips and down chin. The subtle but unmistakable fragrance delicately rose in the back of angie’s throat and delicately wafted into the back of her nostrils. Sissy then tenderly and carefully peeled the meat of the fruit back from the pit and pushed the pit out of puckered lips, feeling its slippery hardness slide out into waiting hand, where s.he set it aside to show Mistress as evidence of angie’s work on assignment.

Sissy then rolled the cherry, sweet, juicy, and now split in two, around inside mouth, running it up and down the spaces between gums, cheeks, and lips, again being mindful not to brush the sharp surfaces of teeth. Sissy closed eyes and imagined that her face was buried in Mistresses sweet, fragrant pussy while the remnants of the fruit slowly disintegrated into tiny explosions of flavor. Sissy swallowed the fruit, longing to feel Mistresses juices flowing over face, into waiting mouth, and down her open throat, while visions of drifting to sleep with face in Mistresses cunt lingered with sissy deep down in the pink fog of ever-obedient soul.


  1. Madame Stewart

    I’m dutifully impressed you did this with a cherry honey. Extra points for you, as a grape’s skin is considered even easier to peel. I look forward to hearing what your Mistress has to say about your new technique!

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