A new appreciation for her sissy bum

katielynne | 10.21.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

Lesson one
This girl did not grow up to think that residue was disgusting or foul. Residue was just a matter of life, and something that had to happen. she has never played with her bum much before though, so it feels new and different to be playing with it, and treating it as something enjoyable. she does not have a Mistress, so she has not had the chance to lick or kiss Her anus, though when she was married she had the opportunity to kiss Her buttocks on a number of occasions. It was wonderful, Her smooth skin, the feel and the look of the round buttocks. she felt privileged to be able to gaze upon Her bottom and feel it, running sissy’s hands over the contours, playfully sliding closer to Her anus, planting a kiss here and there and she gently stroked Her heavenly skin. After reading this assignment, this girl has begun trying to refer to her bowel movements as residue. she has long thought of it as used material, extra product that the body is unable to use. There is very little there that may harm, and this girl has dreamed of being able to perform rimming, tonguing Her anus, and cleaning Her with sissy’s tongue. she has begun seeing her bum as more girly, and soon hormone therapy and exercise should add more feminine curves to her bottom. she loves wearing panties and skirts, and showing it off when she bends over to pick something up, and waits for when it looks even more feminine and seductive as she walks and sways.


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