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elvi-slives | 10.21.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

A curtsey to my Superiors and greeting to my sisters.

This sissy keeps herself tucked twenty four hours a day and seven days a week .This sissy had to learn to experiment, practice and yes –  to suffer. For the last five years this sissy has kept my femininity centered. s.he rarely gets hard at all. It is a wonderful sensation to finally have a bottom, the muscle that was held everything internal is coming back . This sissy tries to train this bottom muscle. There have been times, however short, that s.he could hold a tuck without any help just by using her muscles.That takes to much concentration to keep the tension and it can be akward and or painful if something fell out at the wrong time.

When this sissy first tucked she used tape after after shaving. s.he would apply tape to hold Her fake external ovaries inside . The first time was painful but then s.he learned how to apply the tape so that s.he could present en femme for a longer period of time .Flat and smooth, yes indeed the longer this sissy was dressed the more confidence s.he achieved. A trip to the bathroom to tinkle, in a sissys taped state, was somewhat irritating and took quite some time be sucessful. It is this sissys sacrifice for a small taste of womanhood, s.he accepts this. Equally s.he wants to be the best sissy s.he can be.

It was only when s.he began to go out and spend time dressed as a sissy in public. This sissy loves so to go the movies. This sissy decided to try to find a way to hold a tuck without tape. Taping can be successful and pleasing and is a must with certain outfits.This sissy tried a girdle to hold the tuck. She now has two now, one has some padding on the cheeks.The girdles are a litle tight and one holds this sissy nice and squeaky smooth.It is a seasonal garment a little heavy for the summer. This sissy seeks a lightness of being whenever possible.

Fortunately this sissy has a lingerie collection that also includes corselets, two dreammy, creamy, pastel coloured numbers. They have snaps in the crotch area making it easier to change a panty liner! That helps keep things tidy and smooth .It is an incredible feeling to be snugged up in such fine lingerie. A stretch gives a tug, a tug becomes a caress and that i brings me close to the edge find ecstatic. Well that is for more special occassions.This sissy has a party dress that seamlessly flows over and near my behind .

Most of the time I wear a thong and a pair of panties. A little undersized and that keep the tension up while allowing for a swish twitch and if shes lucky a bang.This sissy can get so excited just by walking down the street. If the tuck is good and the motion that comes with a rythmic sashay this sissy can stay in a perpetual precum state of arousal all of the time while remaining smooth and girlish. Today this sissy is using a gaff to keep her bobbel in its hood. That is exactly the reason this sissy is writing my report . The gaff (pink satin) was a little tricky to get into place but finally came to rest where it was needed. Just as that happened …well uh girls ive turned into a bimbo the feeling is ..well s.he comes words too short
incredible making it difficult to write this .s.has learned and she thanks the House for her Training. I have become a close facsimile or imitation of the creatures of Venus. s.he is not worthy of this pleasure. This sissy knows s.he is destined to serve. My journey has begun. This sissy is falling deeper into her femininity every day. This bimbo sissy is in sissy heaven.


  1. sissy-jennifer

    Loved reading your report (again)…this sissy also luvs to tuck and was really impressed with your commitment to 24/7. When attempting long periods of tucking this sissy also experienced some pain and was concerned about internal damage. This sissy would luv to push through the pain and achieve your amazing results. Nice to hear that it can be done! Way to go gurl! And thank you for sharing!

  2. Madame Stewart

    What a wonderful tucking report! There is so much the girls can learn from your sharing honey. The ecstatic feeling you have being tucked tightly – the motion of the swish – this can NEVER be gained by a nasty chastity device. Let it be known!

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