Secret Sissy
submissiveanki | 06.20.2017 | Reports - Getting Real

This sissy adores Superior. She is not aware of sissy’s dream to feminize and to completely submit to Superior. Sissy has however gradually given more and more attention to Superior and has now taken ful responsibility of the household which is very much approved by sissy’s Superior. Sissy has also received credit for having started to read feminist literature and she surprised Superior by offering to help their newly divorced neighbor,a young mother with two small children, to babysit twice a week so she could go out dancing. Sissy suggested that Superior could join the neighbor since she certainly had deserved to go out and have some excitement.

So since some time sissy takes care of two small children two nights a week while her Superior is going out together with the children’s mother. It now happens very often that sissy’s Superior brings an overnight bag and goes straight to work in the morning without passing home.This makes sissy feel wonderfully humiliated and very happy that s.he has helped her Superior to have some exciting sex with a Real Man. Sissy hopes that Superior shortly will start to bring her lovers home and feel more free to enjoy sex the way she wish to.
Sissy’s Superior deserves sex with a real man and sissy feels s.he is almost getting real when s.he admits to Superior that s.he is not enough of a man to penetrate wonderful Godess.


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