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A woman’s walk is a thing of grace. It is one of the important things a sissy must achieve . Walking with back straight and short steps and swaying of the hips is what this sissy is working on. This sissy has been practicing for a bit. It’s almost getting natural . This sissy notices her walk at work. A sissy should glide when walking,not striding like a man . The best way to practice is in heels and balance a book on your head. Walking with the heel first and swaying of the hips. This sissy hopes her first report is suitable . This sissy wasn’t sure about the process but desperately doesn’t want disappoint the Superiors.

sissy curtsies to the Superiors and Mistress ‘s

sissy krissi


  1. how do you find it best to achieve the proper walk krissi? Like, when out of heels, this sissy tries to walk toes to ground first. Going heel first always makes walking in heels feel so clunky.

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