Always obey

jonna-2 | 05.20.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear Superiors,

Sissy jonna has been obeying Mistress already several years. This means that sissy jonna is serving Mistress in any She asks. Sometimes just domestic services like window cleaning, keeping Her wardrope in good order, doing any shopping She asks etc. Always She have been asking sissy jonna as a test person for new torture tools and model for others when Mistress is showing other person, what is real bondage, humilation, torturing. sissy jonna is obeying what ever She demands. sissy jonna is property of Mistress Villi-Ira and She knows best what is good for sissy jonna.

Often sissy jonna must participate Her slave sessions and then sissy jonna is sex object – suck cock, open thighs and be fucked – this is something sissy jonna like as also hard nipple torture with clams, needles etc. Also sissy jonna has locked collar – kees by Mistress, to show everyone whose property jonna is.

sissy jonna respects Mistress as all the Superiors at the House of Sissify,

sissy jonna



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