Serve your Superior!

An everyday vow

jenelle | 08.16.2017 | Uncategorized

This sissy just finished reading her first training assignment, The Zen of Servitude. As sissy was reading this she realized that as far as she has come she still has a long way to go to prove she is worthy of serving a Mistress either here or in the House of Sissify.
Some of the things that Superior Women take for granted, like walking, sitting, gestures, standing, sissy still needs much practice on so it will come natural to her. This sissy also needs to work on removing male qualities that are unacceptable to sissys such as, demanding and in-charge. Sometimes in my work position these ugly male traits rear their heads. This sissy promises the Women and Mistress of the house that sissy will work hard to change these qualities.

This sissy wants to study Women and treat all Women with the respect that They deserve. This sissy is going to make a copy of Redemption so that sissy can look at them each day and make sure she is following these rules so she can change her behavior to that of a proper sissy.
This sissy will keep these close to her heart.

1. Have I served a Woman today?
2. Have I placed a Woman’s needs above my own today?
3. Have I identified and done some act, no matter how small that has further defined myself as the sissy servant I am?

This sissy vows to do this each and every day.



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