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Anal disappointment

ren | 09.30.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

Dear Superiors,

This sissy look forward to her special day. S.he failed to wait once, but there was something s.he want to do.
In the afternoon, this sissy took a shower and enema, then s.he lay on he.r side and lubricated he.r pussy.
S.he tried to stimulate the prostate by picking he.r pussy with fingers. One or two drops of transparent liquid fell from he.r sissy clit, but s.he wanted more.
So this sissy put he.r toy in he.r pussy and followed the instruction of the anal masturbation video. S.he had previously played with he.r pussy while watching the video, but today was special.
It was a different feeling from the last. He.r hand sought pleasure but he.r body reached its limit. So s.he couldn’t bear the moans. That was the first time s.he ever felt that way.
It felt really good but, the liquid from her penis was different from the imagine. When this sissy saw a video of another sissy, s.he could see semen flowing from clit of other sissy.
But the liquid from the clit of this sissy was just a transparent liquid. S.he was a little disappointed because s.he seemed to be less than others.
This sissy will try to do better next time.

sissy ren


  1. Madame Stewart

    Why would you expect massive ejaculation from a sissygasm? Come now honey. First, never compare yourself to others. Two, do you think a postop transexual can’t have an orgasm? It’s not about the liquid – it’s the shudder. The joy, the spasms. Definitely a male based competitive thought We must erase from your little head!

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