Anal Submission

Anal orgasm

yvettes | 10.11.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

dear Superiors!

This slut will submit her report concerrating these anal experiences. This idiot will never want real penises in her mouth and still less in her vagina because she does not like men! Despite this small defect Sissy Yvettes loves a lots the plugs, vibrators and all the other things that do good when put inside her vagina. S.he always carries a plug at home. Her first reflex after returning home, sometimes she also put a plug to go for a walk or shopping. Once arrived at the house, it is to put an adequate outfit, feminine outfit of course, as well as a plug and tucker. Then only s.he can do something, like cleaned, take care of its beauty …..

Despite this routine, this slut, plays with a dildo about 2 inches as training about once a week. S.he puts it in the mouth, lubricates it well thinking that it is the dildo of his superior. S.he puts it in his vagina and plays with. Until now, apart from many pleasures, this slut never had anal orgasm.

Today during the weekly training, this whore wanted to make very fast going back and forth. Faster than usual. His pleasure is very quickly mounted and a particular excitement has appeared. Wanting to go faster this Whore began to touch these breasts. S.he was very excited as never before. after 10 minutes of this crazy work. I felt a heat take hold of me. I knew what was going to happen to me. By going to the end of those strengths this slut felt a great spasm separated from her and a fabulous orgasm happens. This slut is crumbled on the ground to lick her seed and stayed lying on the ground because, s.he did not know if she was flying or dreaming. It was a magical moment and s.he hopes that this will replicate soon.

Now this slut is happy to have followed the strict rules of the House. Once again the House made her discover new extraordinary pleasures. Thank you dear Superior to guide us to new and fabulous pleasures.




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