The Office Trap

Assigned Masturbation Schedule

dallas | 07.31.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

This sissy just wanted to let all Superiors know how the milking occurred yesterday in response to the Masturbation Schedule assigned the sissy. Before the sissy went to work yesterday morning s.he dressed in 15 denier nude stocking attached to a cream colored Crownette 4 strap garter belt. A high wasted pink panty girdle was then worn over the garter belt with the penis snuggly tucked (for the day). S.he also wore a sheer sissy training bra. S.he then put on her man clothes and went to work.

Upon returning home at night, sissy removed man clothes, and put on a long pink silky slip over the lingerie s.he had been wearing all day. Sissy then settled into her comfy chair, listened to the Phase 2 Sissy Training video while reading “The Office Trap” on the Sissify website. Sissy then removed her penis from pinky panty girdle and slowly stroked it. After about 12 minutes, sissy erupted her semen into a shot glass which she immediately put into mouth and savored for many minutes before s.he swallowed.


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