Aunt Flo’s came to visit

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It was Sunday morning and this sissy was sleeping quietly and peacefully in bed when s.he was aroused by a knock at the front door. S.he found he.rself wondering who it could be and why they had to disturb he.r on one of the few days s.he was able sleep in. There came a second knock and s.he quickly jumped out bed before it woke up he.r female roommate house in the bedroom downstairs. Half a sleep s.he opened the door and barely had time to say “Hello, may I help you?” when in the through the door burst one of the most beautiful red headed women this sissy has ever seen. She was dressed all in red from her 6” stilettos and hosiery to her red dress and hat. She looked to be entering middle-age but to this sissy it only made her more attractive. Had this sissy been a man s.he would have wanted the woman in red immediately but since s.he was just a simple sissy the dominant aura this woman put forth was completely intoxicating and overwhelming to this sissy and s.he found he.rself submitting to her and coming completely under her spell.

Without any hesitation, she walked up the stairs in this sissy house, went to the kitchen and poured a glass of water. She handed it to this sissy and said “Here sweetie, we have to start getting you hydrated, now drink up”. As this sissy began to drink, the woman said “Hello Sweetie, I’m your Aunt Flo and I’ve come to watch over you for the week, the House of Sissify let you know I was coming did they not?” This sissy stammered “Yes Ma’am they did but the email didn’t come through until late last night and this sissy has not had time to get supplies. Aunt Flo just looked at this sissy. “That is no excuse silly sissy gurl. You do not look dumb. You knew I could be coming at any time and you should have been prepared! Are you going to be one of those wannabe’s who just play with themselves on their computers, wishing it to happen or are going to do something about it and work for it. “Are you wasting my time?” she said had picked up her purse and looked to be starting for the door. ”No Ma’am” was all this sissy could say as s.he quietly handed the now empty glass of water back to Aunt Flo. Aunt Flo looked at this sissy and said “We’ll see, go brush your hair and put on some clean panties on so we can go to the store for your things but first, have another glass of water.

Once this sissy was dressed s.he and Aunt Flo quickly went out to the truck, jumped in, and headed to town. As s.he was driving this sissy started to feel a little funny down in he.r lower body, and almost as if she could read this sissies mind, Aunt Flo said “Starting to feel a little cramping? “Don’t worry sweetie, that’s just the water and you won’t be feeling it too bad for too long. Now let me explain how this works.” Still being to enamored by her aura, this sissy quietly drove while Aunt Flo explained “Now growing up, pretending to be a boy, you probably spent very little time listening in health education class to understand about the menstruation cycle if a woman. That is to be expected but now you need to listen” She went on to explain how at a young age when a girl enters puberty, her ovaries release an egg that slides down her Fallopian tubes to rest and attach itself to her vaginal wall. This time of a girl’s cycle is called ovulating and it only happens once a month. Aunt Flo then looked at this sissy and said “Now if you were a real man with a real penis, not some sissy like you with a little sissy clit, he would stick his penis into her vagina in the act of making love an ejaculate. This ejaculation contains semen, which rushes to the egg, the first one to get fertilizes the egg and usually nine months later a baby is born.“ She would continue on with how after few days if this egg is not fertilized that it breaks down sheds itself from the vaginal wall causing it to bleed out through the woman’s vagina. “Were going to let you know what it feels like to be that woman from now on and help you to appreciate her even more.

When we got to the store the first thing Aunt Flo did was take us to the feminine hygiene aisle. She obviously been there before but this sissy was a bit lost, but thanks to help from the House of Sissify and Aunt Flo this sissy had made a list and purchased he.r items. S.he was able get thin Always panty liners, Stayfree Classic Super Long Maxis, some Junior size tampons and a Summer’s Eve douche for after all the fun is over. s.he also managed to pick up some Midol in case s.he got some headaches and some Ice/Hot for a little sensitivity training.

As we got back in the truck Aunt Flo informed this sissy that we were going to start off slow so let’s go to breakfast and I can show you what to do. Once at the restaurant Aunt Flo took us directly to the bathrooms, which was a relief since this sissy really had to go after drinking all that water. As this sissy sat down on the toilet to pee, Aunt Flo shoved herself into the stall and pulled out one of the “Always” thin pads. Sissy opened it up and saw how easy it was to apply to he.r panties. Once s.he adjusted it and cleaned he.rself up, s.he pulled up he.r panties and felt a little what it’s like to be a woman every month. As we went out to take our seat at the restaurant, Aunt Flo said that she’d be back and went off into the restaurant. This sissy heard her talk to a couple of woman and point at this sissy and say that she’s training a new gurl, before disappearing further into the restaurant. This sissy continued to sit at he.r table, ate he.r breakfast, and quietly enjoyed the thought and feel of the panty liner in he.r panties.

The meal was over and the bill had been paid, when Aunt Flo seemed surprisingly to appear out of and asked if we were ready to go. This sissy said that s.he thought s.he had lost you, but Aunt Flo replied with “Oh Sweetie, I’m visiting with some othe.r girls this week as well as you but since it’s your first time I am stuck to you this like paint to a wall. I am your new best friend; now let’s go home for the next step.” Once home again she took this gurl directly to the bath room and handed he.r one of the Junior tampons, which this sissy very easily was able to shove up he.r sissy anul pussy. It felt strange to this sissy, even sparking a little arousal, but that was it. Aunt Flo told this sissy to go out and do whatever it was s.he did but to come back in a few hours to remove the Tampon. Sissy did what s.he was told and came back after a few hours and removed the tampon. We’ll do more tomorrow Aunt Flo said now go about your business. Aunt Flo was true to he.r word and stuck to me all day long. This sissy could not move anywhere without feeling Aunt Flo practically attached to he.r. was no escaping when Aunt Flo came to call.

Finally, as the day came to an end. Aunt Flo handed out on of the super maxis. She said that now the heavier flow days would be coming and sissy needed to get use to the bigger pads. Sissy did as she was told and once the pad was applied sissy then went to bed and Aunt Flo climbed right into bed with he.r. As sissy fell asleep snuggled up against Aunt Flo, sissy could only imagine what the rest of the week would be like.

The next morning I awoke and got ready for work, before I got dressed though Aunt Flo said “Stop Sweetie, don’t forget I’m in charge, remember to put your pad and tampon in. Then make sure to pack some extras to take with you to work. Then put some Icey/Hot on your nipples. Let’s make them nice and sensitive. This sissy did as s.he was told and went to work. The day proceeded without any events. Aunt Flo spent the day with this sissy sitting with he.r at work, wherever this sissy went Aunt Flo was right there. Around lunch time Aunt Flo had this sissy go to the restroom and change he.r pad and tampon and then go back to he.r job. Once the sissy had finished for the day and returned home Aunt Flo had this sissy change he.r tampon and pad again and left he.r to he.r own devices.

The next two days passed in much the same way with this sissy changing out he.r pads and tampons as Aunt Flo directed. On the morning of the final day Aunt Flo looked this sissy and told he.r “Ok Sweetie this is our final day together and since it is a light day you can use the one of the “Always” thin pads. I won’t be coming with you today. I have to move on to help some other girls. Remember to take a couple with you and change them out during the day”. We parted ways as I went to work and again the day passed unceremoniously. After getting home I felt a bit sad now that Aunt Flo had gone. She was such a force of nature and now once again sissy felt alone. As sissy went into he.r bedroom s.he found a note and package. The note said:

Dear Cricket,

I really enjoyed my week with you. I wasn’t too sure at first but you hung in there. Now that you have experienced what it’s like, you can now experience it every month like a real girl. Lucky you!! As a gift I left you some anal training plugs. You’re now in training to be like a real gurl so we have to get that anal pussy stretched and ready to experience some real cock, now go clean yourself out with that Summer’s Eve douche and then get plugging. See you next month sweetie.


Aunt Flo


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