shaved and tucked

smooth as a baby’s bottom

gracehvf | 04.20.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Dear Superior Madame Stewart and Staff, humble respects:

i submit this first report to Your Superior consideration. The photos below show my little clit being tucked between this sissy thighs and the last one a close-up of my sissy pussy. It was a wonderful experience to clean off my sissy body of undesirable hair. The sensation of a almost smooth skin like the Real Women has, make this sissy feel a happy girlsh. Before the bath tub, and following the instructions of my Wife-Mistress, a removal hair cream was used on my legs, genitals and belly to best remove the former ugly vision of a supposed male hair appearance.

To finish this work, a blade razor was used to remove all remaining hair of those parts of this sissy body. Then, after a while, the thorax and back hair were submitted to the same method. Then, after dry the sissy body with a smooth towel, the little clit tucking training was done. this slut sissy loved the aspect of the triangle showed on the first photo. it almost has the look a Real Woman anatomy this sissy envy for many years. Thank You Ms Stewart and the Superior Staff to permit and instruct this humble sissy to perform this marvelous assignment.


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