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Beautiful New Heels

sissy-ariana | 10.08.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Good Morning House,

Today is my lucky day, the day i purchased my first pair of heels that will officially start my training. i can not wait to dedicate my life to being the best sissy i can be. i purchased 5 inch heels that were required and began the journey of perfecting the sissy walk. i got everything ready in my room. i put on the heels as well as a sexy pink thong i also purchased. with a top that is super sexy. i want a goal of mine as a sissy slave to be classy so because of that i decided to borrow my Mothers louis vuitton purse before i can get my own. i made a line and started walking. i had the mirror in front of me staring myself down. i can not afford to screw up. i am dedicated to being a sissy so i slowly walked in that line for 45 minutes back and forth until i felt i was able to really stay on my feet when i’m taking clothes off and on. i hope my first assignment was done correctly and properly. please know i will work so hard for the board here to show my worth and i will continue to grow so i have many many princess points. as i start my training this picture below is my dedication proven by my first picture of me exposed with my face included.


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