Becoming a proper maid

katielynne | 10.21.2017 | Reports - Domestic Duties

This sissy has been longing to be a proper maid for a long time now. she has a love of cleaning, often breaking into song while doing her chores. she may spend hours meticulously cleaning a particularly stubborn area if time allows, or may break into a flurry of activity, doing bits and pieces of different chores all at once, starting a process that by the end should have all of the housework completed and put away. A chore is not complete until it looks as though nothing has been done at all again. One day this girl hopes to be subservient to her Owner, taking care of all of the daily chores. Cleaning is something that she loves, with folding laundry being her favourite. The careful attention to the seams, placing the shirt face down and folding the arms and part of the sides to create a clean seam down the center. Fold from the center again and touch up any wrinkles caused by the movement. The feel of the cloth between the fingers is wonderful, and the work is just one of the best parts of her day. she needs to work on her cooking, but with enough time and attention, this girl thinks that she will make a wonderful maid one day, dedicating her life to making her Mistress’s life easier and happier.

On her own, she will turn herself into a proper maid, who walks around with confidence, moving from one task to another and making sure that everything is done on time and how her Mistress desires it. she will continue to practice her movements and her cleaning abilities, making sure that when she moves around to dust or to wipe down a surface, that she is doing so in the most feminine way possible. There is still much that this girl must learn in order to be seen as a proper maid, and proper attire will help put her in a girly and submissive mindset while she goes about her chores.


  1. laurianna payot

    dearest sissy sister katielynne, what a wonderful and inspiring report !!! your sissy sister laurianna shares in your beautifully liberating feminine attitude to our joyful performance of our domestic duties as sweet submissive servants to our Mistresses. sissy laurianna just knows that her sissy sister katielynne will find her perfect happiness in her destiny of being a sweet obedient little wife to a Superior Mistress !!! hugs and little kisses and much love, laurianna O O x x

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