Beginning the Zen of Servitude

aubrey | 05.12.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

This sissy sometimes keeps her apartment clean, but also lets it get messy as well other times. This sissy has resolved to be a better house keeper for her future Superior. This sissy has already begun to clean up and will finish today. This sissy also has also gone shopping to cooking more at home, and not wasting money on eating out. This sissy has also taken to sticking her 7” realistic black dildo to her mirror and practicing her cocksucking (in panties of course). This sissy was thinking s.he wants to set up a second mirror behind herself so s.he can also see the back of her own head bobbing back and forth.

This sissy of course still wear her panties at home at all times, but this sissy still struggles to wear them out of the house. this sissy hates to be a disappointment.  this sissy has worn panties outside the house for her first time and it was very exciting. This sissy is going to try all day today no matter where s.he goes! Sometimes though this sissy still is afraid of what others might think if they knew.

This sissy has started to work on her walking, kneeling and sitting though. This sissy never realized how much strength and discipline it takes to move like a Superior Woman. This sissy would say s.he is very clearly new at this!

This sissy is finally also working to show the Superior Women in her life that they are special and valued. This sissy has called her Mother and Sister just to say hello. This sissy has more work to do in this department though, and is looking for opportunities to make herself more useful to whatever Women this sissy runs into.

this sissy is now beginning to realize how much work there is to being a Woman, and that there is so much farther to go in being a better more obedient sissy. From changing the way this sissy walks to raising my awareness of what the Superior Women in my life need. this sissy has so much work left to do, but is happy to start down the correct path!


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