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Being full-on sissy

sissyslaveshelly | 08.11.2017 | Reports - Getting Real

This lifelong pathetic white male, desires to “be” the sissy that has always been hiding in the shadows. Since growing up with three sisters, no brothers and an absent father, it always knew its true nature. Society though tried to fit this sissy in the fake ‘man box”. Now this sissy slave slut humbly has committed to being authentically sissy.

This sissy has always deferred to the Superior Female Gender, even to those Ladies not yet ready to accept their mantle of leadership. This sissy worships the ground that Women walk on in spite of the fact that relatively few Women feel they need a sissy in their life. Frankly that all has hurt its feelings so many times in its pathetic life because it was never a “real man”, and could not fuck them as a Real Man is “supposed” to. Despite that amount of hurt over the years it has totally respected and worshipped Women.

For example, this sissy bitch could never participate with groups of “men” when they stood around and objectified Women. Perhaps this sissy was a eunuch in a previous life, serving Women as only a true sissy can. This sissy wishes to no longer care about societal pressures to be a pathetic fake white male (as it “seemingly” was born to be), when in actuality it was created to be a sissy slave slut. The psyche required for obsequious sissy behavior really is its essence…who it was created to be. Here it can finally learn learn the finer details to “be” sissyslaveshelly.

Thanks to the Staff and this amazing site!


    1. Madame Stewart

      Yes, you should feel ashamed. If I remember correctly, you stated in your cancellation that the House was “Just not what it expected.” For having such flowery words about the House, the training and the community – makes Me wonder if you actually can be committed to a Training Program, or even if you want to be. Can it get more pathetic if you even fail being sissy?

  1. Madame Stewart

    You would have received a full 5 Princess Points, but alas – I personally know that you lack the commitment needed to succeed in your endeavors. Perhaps a few sisters can urge her on to finish her studies…

    1. sissy-jennifer

      sissyslaveshelly…sissy knows these feeling never go away, right? With sissies commitment, s.he will receive tremendous support from the House and sisters in this wonderful community to become the sissy s.he truly wants to be! Madame Stewart (curtsy), Your remark (“…can it get more pathetic if you even fail being a sissy?”) is by far THE BEST this sissy has ever heard (ouch!) …thank you for sharing Madame Stewart (curtsy).

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