Candi learns s/he is a Gladiola and loves it

candi-apple | 04.17.2017 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

Dear Madame Stewart

sissy scarcely deserves the joy of submitting this first report. This sissy is so lucky to have found this wonderful resource to help her move as far as she is able towards her feminine dreams. Sissy’s Wife does know that sissy likes to wear panties and lingerie and is supportive. But sissy’s Wife does not realize the way in which sissy revels in her being her Superior and is preparing to tell Her that she wishes to submit totally to Her as her Mistress very very soon.

sissy does not have a lot of private time but this afternoon was able to achieve a lifelong dream. Although sissy has naturally hairless arms, legs and back, s/he was afflicted with some chest and abdominal hair. sissy has been shaving her lady parts for some weeks but today she waxed her torso and was able to feel and see s/he had little breasts and oh so sensitive nipples. sissy feels so womanly she had to complete an assignment and so put on a lovely pair of blue silky panties (with flounced edges and pictures of can can girls) and has set about measuring her body honestly.

sissy knows she must lose weight but is blessed with being similar dress size to her Wife and Superior. sissy has discovered she is currently 42″ B bust with 38″ waist and 46″ hips. s/he knows now she is a size 18 for dresses and is in heaven at knowing she can use a B cup. Previous sluttish experience by sissy has found her able to fit a J LO dress large size, but sissy is looking forward to shopping afresh. sissy’s Wife has booked a cruise for the end of the year and told sissy she can dress as a woman for some of the time. Can Madame imagine how exciting that is going to be. And so, know measurements and size is going to be so important. sissy has previously bought size 6 panties because her tucked clitty is so small has found this size wearable, although s/he knows that size 9 is probably most appropriate. sissy’s Wife buys her panties and hopes Mistress will understand that sissy will do what Wife directs.

sissy found it especially useful to work out that she is probably a Gladiola and the advice regarding tailored blouses and color coordination provided by the House will be taken to heart. Separately, sissy knows she can wear size 11 shoes with relative comfort but still must take a lot of practice in heels. s/he cannot wait.

candi is very fortunate to be in training and looks forward to submitting further reports. s/he has a challenge uploading photos currently but will do so as soon as able. s/he felt it more important to demonstrate her commitment to training before more time passed.

It is a privilege to curtsey to you and provide thanks for your wisdom and training.

Candi Apple


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