Clothes shopping: Update

chloe6942 | 05.26.2017 | Reports - Womens Studies

This sissy has been going shopping on numerous occasions going to second hand stores such as Goodwill or Salvation Army around the surrounding areas. This one lives near the Twin Cities, but doesn’t get to go to the places where it wants to go and be the sissy it is meant to be. The neighborhood that this sissy lives in is fairly conservative. It has been getting better as well as worse. The places that accept me for who I am I tend to do more business with and the others I choose not to acknowledge.

At Goodwill this sissy feels the most comfortable going to for getting clothes. There is a multitude of items to pick for at a fraction of a price and who doesn’t love bargains! It normally fits between a female Large or Extra Large even though as a Male this sissy would be considered Medium at best. Even when this sissy goes into a regular retail store there isn’t a lot of clothes that fit my size or that is financially acceptable to this sissy.

There is a lot more variety in secondhand stores where going shopping to the places that everyone goes to isn’t as enticing to this sissy. If wearing the same clothes as everyone else was the thing that would make it happy then transitioning to a female would not be in this sissy’s cards. Over the past couple of visits to the same establishment there have been numerous of cute items that look good on this sissy while staying true to itself. There are a plethora of cute blouses and tops that this one has found.

At the beginning of this sissy’s transition it primarily focused on dresses. Lately it has changed focus to clothes that are more age or situational appropriation. Wearing clothes that fit and look good is a better mindset than wearing a sleeveless dress that barely holds up because this sissy doesn’t have breasts at the moment. It will in the future, but for the moment being true to itself now is more important.

Here are some pics that were posted previously. This sissy did go shopping again yesterday and got a few new items. This sissy was instructed to repost its pictures and add more details. In future assignments this sissy will do a better job of being my descriptive so not to be punished by the house.



  1. Madame Stewart

    While We are pleased you went shopping chloe – when submitting an Assignment Report, We would like to hear about how you did the Assignment, what you learned and how you applied it. Please resubmit at your earliest opportunity.

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