sissybecky-2 | 06.20.2017 | Reports - sissySexuality

Cocksucking is an important task for sissies to perform. There aren’t enough willing women in the world to service all the men who are in need. The sissy exists to fill this gap. When told to suck cock, she eagerly accepts this wonderful gift as it is one of the most valuable contributions to society she can offer. To pleasure a man with her mouth gives her a feeling of fulfillment and brings meaning to her live. A sissy sucks with fervor and passion using all the techniques she is taught to bring a man to an intense climax. This comes natural to her. And when he is about to cum, the sissy politely asks if she may swallow his seed. When allowed she won’t spill a single drop of this beautiful reward she is given. After cleaning up she makes sure he is properly satisfied by asking him if he wants some more.

Love and Kisses,

sissy becky


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