So you want to tell Her?

Coming Out To Her

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Sissy agrees completely this is a complex issue – in case since s.he has been married for 50+ years, it is not quite as complex as the lesson portrays. In an earlier lesson on cunnilingus, sissy had related s.he had not had sexual contact with Superior for over ten years. My how things change.

During the ten-year hiatus, sissy began feminizing and sucking cock. Things have progressed to being the proud owner of a B Cup and actually needing a good hard cock on occasion. The Superiors I service know my wife’s dialysis schedule and honour that only coming for service when sissy is alone.

Sissy was grateful finding the links to the BDSM sites in this lesson. S.he intends to check and see if any locals are available. Again it is quite interesting the ‘finds’ a sissy discovers going over the lessons.

In sissy’s own case, s.he does NOT intend to tell all to Mistress. Since sissy’s feminization, she can no longer get an erection. As related in the cunnilingus lesson Mistress literally gushed when sissy performed cunnilingus for the first time. She has since become somewhat demanding, and while sissy is not complaining, some things have become crystal clear. Mistress now absolutely knows sissy cannot get an erection. Twice now upon having her bath, she steps around the corner and says “I want some tongue”. This excites sissy on several different levels, the main one being Mistress KNOWS sissy is worthless except for tongue… and also the fact Mistress doesn’t even ask… She ‘tells’.

Sissy does do all the chores and cooking for Superior. Today s.he made a nice slaw and will serve it with ham and potatoes for supper. S.he feels her continuing growth in all aspects of service is appreciated.


  1. Madame Stewart

    Fifty years? Wow! That’s a wonderfully long relationship honey. I think this is great to share with your sisters. You’re happy coming out – a little bit – but maintaining your relationship and offering yourself as service to Her. What a win/Win! More work on that cunnilingus assignment honey…..

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