69sucker | 06.24.2017 | Assignments - Girlish Essence

Dear Mistresses!

This sissy slut has been abroad for six months, but is now back home again. It was not possible to stay shaved where she lived, so the ugly body hair grew all over. Though, the pubic area was trimmed, but not shaved.

– Today this slut spent hours in the bathtub, to get back to normal.

In the first shaving report from this sissy slut, she told you Superiors that it would take quite long time before she could have the courage to shave the entire body.

– Today she did it!

All body hair is vanished, and she is now ”Smooth as Silk”.
This sissy slut really enjoys to stay like this: It feels so good! No disturbing hair any place.
She wants to thank the Mistresses of the House for teaching her to shave properly.

– Of course, documentation is needed. Therefore photographs are enclosed: Today and before.

– Lingerie feels good as well!

So far, this slut wears these items only in private.

– Something else this slutty sissy wants to share with you:
She has terminated the traditional wanking on her ”Special Days”. Instead she now rubs her tiny sissy-clitty just like any girl do. Some oil is needed, or else it’ll be too dry.
This technicue takes much longer time to reach the climax, but when it comes, it’s sooo intense: Your sissy slut almost passes out.

Today is a ”Special Day”, and your sissy slut is really looking forward to her session of the day; being ”Smooth as Silk” all over. She can hardly wait.

This devoted sissy slut hopes her report could be of interest, even for her sisters.


Something to share sweetie?