patwill88 | 04.15.2017 | Assignments - Girlish Essence

Curtsy Madame and Superiors.

This Sissy wants to report that today was the day she crossed over from the ugly hairy maleness to a hairless smooth body. Yes S.he has been shaving a little here and there this last month but was inspired by another Sissy’s story about a warm bath and shaving experience and decided it was time. S.he expects to be shaving every few days going forward. It is so nice to be smooth and silky. Beginning with the warm bath, leading to Satin Care cream, a Gillette wet raiser, a Holy Trainer to lock up her Clitty avoiding premature drooling, and demonstrating the trimmed A-cup. Sissy became so excited about the smooth skin S.he applied make-up, Summers Eve and her plug and waited by the computer for a Sissy to offer to come over and help inspect her goods-nothing yet. S.he has attached a few photos as evidence.



  1. I’m excited how you were drawn to a bath and a proper sissy shave by the sensual experience of a sister.

    Baths are Special, and one of the best bonuses of being girly. You deserve some patty time in the bubble bath –

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