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Cultivation of the feet

yvettes | 08.27.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Curtsey Dear Superiors,

Although this slut does not have a Mistress, s.he practice the cultivation of the feet with her partner.

Of course, S.he removes her friend’s shoes. Put his mangnifié feet bare and performs a complete massage of each feet with love and devotions. S.he put the cream, removes the hard parts. This slut coats her sacred feet with cream for long minutes, about 15 minutes for each foot.

S.he also takes care of his pedicure. Cut nails, cleans cuticles, made his varnish of the feet. S.he so stupid and incapable that she must some time over again. But my friend is working.

This slut also loves to lick the feet with love, fucked them and treat them as if it would be a treasure.

She is happy to pretend that her girlfriend is a Mistress. Besides, all Women are Goddesses and man is only on earth to serve them.

For this slut it is a moment of devotion and absolute pleasure.


Thank you for paying attention to this idiot.


  1. helen puppy

    Yvettes, wow! so good! this sissy hopes you do not mind, but you are so interesting to me to learn from, and I am reading your reports with the pictures too! so lovely 🙂 this sissy will start studying up a little and comment in the future in French. sissy used to read French pretty well and lived in Poitiers as a young child, so there is some brain scaffolding there. This sissy is hoping you don’t mind your sister evesdropping but s.he is curious in a friendly way s.he hopes

  2. katielynne

    this sissy would love to worship feet as yvettes has. she has dreamed of drawing a woman’s toes into her mouth and caressing and massaging them with her tongue. Have a wonderful day yvettes, continue to inspire with your wonderful words

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