Daily outdoor walk practice

sweetfrida | 04.28.2017 | Reports - Girlish Essence

Dear Superiors,

This sissy is excited and happy to report on the last two weeks of walk training. This sissy takes daily walks around the town (5-10km) and has during this time started to walk the proper way a part of the way. The sissy aim is to do this so it become natural and effortless. This sissy has discovered that walking on a line, get a natural swing in the hips and take small elegant steps is more straining; there is lot of muscles not been in used in the intended way that are now being trained!

This sissy is looking forward to increasing her sissy walking distance gradually. The sissy has so far not noticed anyone looking in a strange way at sissy despite many walking by. The sissy have felt a bit humiliated because she is unsure how her walk looks by others. Sissy soon intends to get high heels as a next important step in her walk progress.

Sissy realized she should have recorded a video of her walking and is taking this into consideration for next time since the sissy did not want to delay the report longer so she can get into the habit of more continually send in reports.



  1. frida

    Thanks Kathryn! That is a lot of workout <3

    This sissy is very happy for the House's response. She has a fair figure, but want much more, not long now til corset training starts and this sissy hope that will improve posture and figure and by extension her walking too. Yes next goal is heels, brimming with excitement already to start the next phase and then make a short video.

  2. House Staff

    Wow! That’s a lot of km’s honey. I bet you have a wonderful figure. The next step is heels – and I’m sure you’ll do well in them. Be sure to send Us pictures or even a video then!

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