daisy bloom
sissygurlk8 | 07.03.2017 | Reports - Beauty Secrets

This lucky sissy is happy to report that she had a leisurely morning and after a nice shower and carefully trimming her nails, she painted her toes in a barely there shade of pink. This sissy trimmed and filed her toes, she applied a base coat and then used COVERGIRL Outlast polish number 30, Daisy Bloom polish on her toes.

This sissy would be in BIG trouble if her significant other noticed her painted nails, but this sissy believes that this polish is subtle enough to not be seen. This sissy’s nails just look like nice and well cared for.

This sissy would love to be able to keep her toes in a perfect French manicure at all times and her fingers clad in false acrylic nails, clearly longer than any “good girl” would wear and coated always in perfect shades of feminine color. This sissy would start with OPI’s Bubble Bath. This sissy has that shade, as well as others, hidden away for a day when she can have a special,day and go “all girl”.

This sissy humbly reports her sissy nail polishing for Superior review.

Hugs and kisses, sissy kate


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