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Devils, Angels and Details

vanessa-kitty | 07.24.2017 | Reports - Getting Real

Dear revered Mistresses,

this sissy thanks you and especially Mistress Selena Alcott for the assignment “The Devils in the Details“. sissy believes that this assignment will be of much help in the future for he.r, as s.he continues with he.r training and feminization.

1. If the wig itches don’t scratch it!

this sissy has been growing he.r hair out and taking care of it in a femme manner in order to hopefully avoid this problem; however, in the future if sissy needs to wear a wig s.he will remember this.

2. The Sissywalk

High heels take a lot of practice!! this sissy must learn how to walk in them properly before going out of he.r house. A sissy must glide in he.r heels always. this sissy understands that in order to sway and walk as a sissy should – in a femme manner – s.he must understand that it is going to hurt. This pain is just another way for sissy to remember and better empathize with the struggles that Women go through to look Their best. Beauty is pain!! sissy must never forget that.

3. Now About Those Hands.

sissy must learn to reign in he.r more natural male gestures. A sissy should use small, dainty expressions from the wrists and elbows. this sissy must keep he.r fingers together and he.r wrists bend to help make he.r hand movements less manly. sissy must remain soft spoken demure in order to keep he.r femininity present at all times.

4. The Treacherous Ladies Room

The harshest critics of a sissy are the real Women around them. Due to this the Ladies room is one of the highest risk places for a sissy to go to undetected. To avoid this, this sissy will follow Mistress Selena’s guide:

-sissy will sit down when s.he has to pee
-While waiting in line sissy will stay focused and silent, because the line is also a very dangerous place for sissies.
-Wait for a stall at a distance, and make sure to not block the sinks or stalls.
-When finished sissy will wash he.r hands, check he.r makeup, say a few polite words in a very soft voice, being as femme as possible.
-Get out quickly but calmly.

5. You Gotta Squeak Baby

this sissy must keep he.rself as clean as s.he possible can! s.he should be washing constantly. sissy needs to wash he.r ass before dressing and continue to check it all night long. While at a bar if sissy must dance s.he should to in sparingly. This will help sissy to avoid sweating, which is gross and can lead to more trips to the Ladies room.

6. In Conclusion

As Mistress Selena Alcott states, “…we are representatives of a minority applying for entrance to a hereditary club” this means that as a sissy, this sissy has no choice but to strive for absolute femininity. There is no room for error because not only does this sissy represent he.rself s.he also represents all the sissies of the world, he.r Mistresses included, so this must be one of sissy’s top priorities. How sissy acts is extremely important and thinking will help to hone he.r actions. The higher sissy sets he.r standard for he.rself, the higher others will regard he.r. sissy must be as femme as possible or else s.he is failing he.r Mistresses and he.r fellow sissies.

Once again sissy would like to humble thank Mistress Selena Alcott for writing this fantastic lesson, and her other Mistresses for being the wonderful Mistresses they are!

Love forever

sissy vanessa kitty


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