baby doll

Diaper time

slaura | 04.22.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

The other day i was needlessly disobedient and defiant against my Mommy, She gave reasonable tasks and i threw the biggest girly tantrum right in front of her, i even got my frilly dress all dirty. my face was so hot by the end of it i didn’t realize my thick didees were sagging near my knees…i didn’t even feel myself getting all stinky! As punishment my Mama had me stand in the center of town and curtsey to people passing by and asking “how do you do?” for 2 hours…and when i inevitably soaked myself like the baby girl that i am.. my Mama was nice enough to change me in public!

From all of this, i learned i will do as this site tells me verbatim, as if it were my beloved and generous Mama. the only thing i got out of my outbursts was how badly i realized i needed my diapers!


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