Diligently studying the ways of etiquette

jamiebabee | 08.10.2017 | Reports - Place and Worship

Dear House Superiors,

This sissy would like to show he.r Superiors that s.he has diligently studied the ways of Proper Correspondance Etiquette. S.he now knows that s.he must always show humility to her Superiors, must never yell, must use the proper letter cases when speaking to he.r Superiors, must never use the word ‘me’, must use proper composition, grammar and addresses, and finally, must be patient when s.he is waiting for he.r Superiors response.

This sissy has also provided a hand-written copy of the 15 guidelines provided during he.r lesson to demonstrate he.r commitment to being a sissy who gives he.r Superiors the proper Respect and Worship that they deserve.

Love and kisses (and a Curtsey) from this tucked, plugged and pantied sissy,

sissy jamiebabee


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